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Professional oven cleaning- the Eco Fresh way

Easy to do badly but hard to do well, this is as true of oven cleaning as it is of most jobs. A lot of the fat, grease and carbon in your oven is hidden and hard to get at. This is can lead to greasy cooking smells or at worst an oven fire. Even after you have cleaned it yourself. Ask yourself when you last looked at the roof of your oven? This is where most domestic oven fires start.

Professional oven cleaning training is vital when you come to removing your oven door/ glass/ fan/ fan housing. There are many different types and mechanisms and they are not always easy to put back together. Do you understand how tempered glass works or what types of enamel are used in ovens? Do you know which cleaning products will damage which surfaces. We do and we take a pride in turning your oven back to shiny new!

Who are our clients? We offer our services to older people, who may find kneeling or bending over for long periods, a bit too much. But also anyone who has a dirty oven and better things to do with 8 hours of their life. Landlords are other clients, whether holiday let or end of tenancy, we cover from Braunton to Bude to Holsworthy. However most of our cleaning jobs are in the Barnstaple and Bideford areas. General cleaners generally don’t want to touch such a dirty, time consuming job as oven cleaning. We also work for most of the letting departments of the North Devon Estate Agents. Commercial kitchen oven cleaning is a service we also do for a couple of our Torridge clients.

Get it clean and keep it clean! Once you have had your oven professionally cleaned then it is relatively easy to keep it clean yourself. The ‘secret’ is to follow the ovens’ cleaning instructions and do it frequently enough to stop the grease splatters turning to hard to remove carbon.

Our non toxic way to clean an oven

  • When you contact us we will ask a couple of questions about your oven e.g is it a self cleaning oven? If so then you will need to burn off as much dirt as possible before we arrive.
  • After an oven cleaning appointment has been made, our technician will arrive at your home and make a quick inspection of the oven, hob or extractor hood.
  • A form detailing any existing mechanical problems (e.g a previously broken door seal, worn hinges) will then be filled out.
  • Please note that we don’t touch any electrical parts of your oven and therefore take no responsibility for them. In the same way that a car wash is not responsible for a broken engine, an oven clean is not responsible for electrical faults with your oven. Only damp cloths are used and the oven is dried after rinsing.
  • The total price for the job is then re-confirmed.
  • In order to clean you oven we will need electricity and water in the property.

    Removal of internal oven parts for cleaning

All removable oven parts are taken from your appliance and deep cleaned in a dip tank, with the exception of self cleaning panels. Usually grease has dripped down behind these panels which can then be cleaned (see below). after the self cleaning panel has been removed this is the grease left on the oven wall

Removing and dismantling the oven door

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this allows a thorough clean between the glass panels and inside the door itself (this often is full of pet hair and cooking oil).

Removing the oven fan and housing

  • Most modern ovens are fan-assisted. This means the fan and fan protector collect a lot of grease as the air is circulated around the oven and past the heating element. You would never know this unless they were removed in a professional oven clean to remove and clean a fan assited oven, ecofresh oven cleaning, oven cleaner, the fast and easy way to clean an oven

    Cleaning the oven roofcleaning service kent kitchen appliances harold wood the oven cleaners the oven cleaning oven cleaning expert cleaning cooker

  • Cleaning the oven roof is usually the dirtiest part of the oven. It is also where most oven fires start as well as being the most awkward and time consuming part to clean. Single ovens usually have a roof grill element that doesn’t generally allow for much cleaning access unfortunately.
  • Double ovens, if they have roof elements at all, usually have a wider spaced pattern. This allows for some limited reaching through to clean the roof. However some grill elements (see photo below) in single ovens are so tightly spaced that the roof cannot be reached for cleaning. In this case you could open the windows and burn the grease off on a regular basis, while being present. This is at your own risk.
  • oven cleaner cleaning oven clean oven oven racks best oven cleaner
  • Note- We don’t touch any heating elements or electrical parts when cleaning your oven.
  • We carefully rinse, reassemble and polish the appliance. This results in a fresh, clean, hygienic oven which you can use immediately with no chemical smells or residues.extractor hood cleaning prices oven glass oven door glass cleaner oven
  • Extractor hoods and filters

  • Extractor hood paper filters are often worn out and a fire hazard. Please check this for yourself on a regular basis, new filters are only £5 from Ebay. Look for the red marks on the filter sheet. The filter needs to be changed once these change colour. The filter (which should be white) below was dripping oil and was above a gas hob! Imagine what would have happened if there was a chip pan fire. Expanded aluminum filters are soaked in boiling degreaser, rinsed and re fitted.grease soaked extractor hood filter which is a fire hazardcleaning oven racks oven clean hood cleaning cleaning an oven stove cleaner cleaning service names
  • We thoroughly clean the hob and control panels. Next a tooth brush is used to clean any awkward corners of grease. Finally stainless steel surfaces are oiled and polished.

You can trust us to restore your oven to near showroom condition, with care and attention to detail.stove and oven bbq cleaners bbq cleaning oven cleaning tips hood cleaning services oven trays

We have cleaned some ‘horror story’ ovens in the past (see the lovely photo below). If an oven is twice as dirty as normal and will therefore take twice as long top clean, we need to know this when you booking a job in. This way we can leave enough time between appointments and give you a reasonable price.

a very dirty fan assisted oven in need of cleaning

We clean all makes- whirlpool, indesit, rangemaster, hotpoint, stoves, belling, neff, bosch, beko or own branded ‘starter home’ ovens. We try to avoid cleaning Smeg and Brittania ovens are they are often poorly designed for cleaning.

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