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Problems with removing oven parts for cleaning

Most ovens are designed to come apart easily for cleaning. However, as professional oven cleaning company, we come across some common problems. If oven parts can't be dismantled or removed then they generally can't be cleaned properly. Please check your oven for cleaning issues before booking us to clean your oven.

Neff and Bosch oven fans

Neff and Bosch cooker brands are some of the best on the market. But there is an issue with the solid cast fan models. The problem is that they cannot be easily removed for cleaning due to being over tightened onto the motor spindle. Although we can remove the nut the fan doesn't come off.

Cleaning the fan in place isn't really an option due to it being so close to the main ring element. When cleaning an oven we don't touch the elements, thermostats or other electrical parts.

Neff oven cleaning fan removal problem
Bosch oven cleaning fan removal problem

Glued together oven doors

Some really cheap ovens have glued together doors. These are common in student accommodation and in 'starter homes'. Lamona and Beko are a couple of the makes oven doors.

If you look at the photo below you will see there is no mechanism to remove the oven door glass. In this case we can only clean the inner and outer glass surfaces that we can access. Although the glass is 100% clean there is still dust on the inner surfaces which make it look cloudy. This isn't a fault with our cleaning service but a design fault with the oven. Please check your oven to see if the oven door glass can be removed before asking us to do so.

Three quarter sized ovens

The problem with removing the fan cover and fan from the back of these ovens cleaning is that of being able to physically get into the oven. If we can't get our arms and head into the oven we can't remove the fan cover or fan. Please click here for more information on cleaning three quarter sized double ovens.

Lamorna oven being cleaned

Before you book your oven clean

We can only clean what is designed to cleaned. You should read the cleaning section of your  owners manual to see what can be cleaned. Powder coated self cleaning panels cannot be scraped or scrubbed with scouring pads therefore we cannot guarantee they can be cleaned.