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Hartland oven cleaning service

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Eco Fresh Oven Cleaning has been operating in the Hartland, Torridge and North Devon areas for the last 6 years. During this time we have cleaned thousands of ovens, grills, hobs and extractor hoods.

We are local, reliable and professional. To find out more about us.

Why get a professional to clean my oven?

Hartland oven cleaner

A professional oven cleaning service can recognize problem with your cooker that a general domestic cleaner probably wouldn't.

There are many possible issues including; rusted chrome oven shelves, rusted out fan cover screws, chipped enamel, damaged elements and fire hazards from fat build up. Additional problems can be, loose screws, damaged door seals, tarnished chrome, damage from Caustic Soda cleaning products and scratched oven door glass.

What is a professional oven clean?

A full oven clean should include the removal and cleaning of the following-

  • fan cover,
  • fan,
  • oven doors,
  • door glass,
  • door seals,
  • oven bulb cover,
  • oven shelves,
  • shelf holders.

In addition the oven ceiling, where there is no grill element present, and the area around the oven steam vent should be cleaned.

To self clean your own oven to a professional standard will probably take 5-6 hours for a single oven. This how long we took when we first started. Adding in the chemicals and basic equipment you will probably end up working for less than minimum wage.

To book your oven clean either ring 01237 45 23 23 or send us a message.

How often should I clean my oven?

Your oven manual will tell you to clean your oven every time you use it. Although this is the best way to keep your oven clean it does take time. Because of this people often tend to neglect cleaning their cooking appliances.

In Hartland or else where most people use their ovens until they are 'dirty' and then think about how to clean them. The problems with cleaning your own oven arise once fat, grease and spilt food is left and turns to carbon. De-greaser will no longer work and it can be it is very difficult to remove. This is when you really need professional help.

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What we love about Hartland oven cleaning

Hartland is the most north westerly village in Devon. Offering an oven cleaning service in Hartland is great for us as we are close to home and know the area well.

Stretching from Meddon to Clovelly, Hartland is the hub village of quite a large rural area. Our oven cleaning service has been covering this area for over 6 years.

Our oven cleaning service has many happy customers in the Hartland area but we look forward to many more.

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