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How to keep your oven clean

Keeping your oven clean is, obviously, the easiest way to avoid the hassle of oven cleaning. Assuming you’re not a student living off a diet of Pot Noodles and take-aways, the easiest way to keep your oven clean oven is to use an oven liner. However there are a couple of easy mistakes to avoid.

Aluminium Foil-melted aluminium foil on an oven floor

Not recommended on bottom heated ovens as his will melt the foil onto the enamel.
Sometimes it will be food under the foil that polymerises, gluing the foil to the floor. Either way you will have a mess to clear up. Also foil can lift up and flap around in a fan assisted oven.

People often line their grill trays with foil but this can be dangerous. See how a oven grill element was melted by the reflected heat.

Teflon oven liner sheets-


These usually come in 50x40cm size but can be cut to size with scissors. They catch drips and spills and are easy to remove for cleaning either in the sink or dish washer.

Check manufacturers instructions first. Usually these liners are heat resistant up to 260 degrees centigrade. Be careful as at higher temperatures they can give off dangerous fumes.

If you have a pyrolytic self cleaning oven, remove the liner before a high temperature cleaning cycle.

Place the liner either on the bottom oven shelf, you can still put pots and pans directly on top of the liner. Alternatively the liner can be placed directly onto the oven floor. Make certain there is no hidden heating element underneath the floor and that no vents are being blocked.

If you are in the Torridge or North Devon areas, you can buy good quality oven floor liners, replacement oven bulbs and extractor hood filters from us.

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