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How much will it cost to have my oven professionally cleaned?

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The only extra charges are £5 per grill tray if you have more than one tray per oven (e.g two grill trays for a double oven). Enamel baking trays can also be cleaned but not Teflon coated trays.

Please note we are not currently cleaning Range Ovens or dismantling Neff Slide & Hide oven doors.

So are these the best oven cleaning prices near me? Looking on Google will show you will see that there are three long established oven cleaning businesses in North Devon. Our prices are mid range but the quality of our work is top of the range.

Additional travel costs

Due to the rise in travel costs we have had to limit the area we cover. For more distant locations there is an additional £10 charge.

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What forms of payment can I use for an oven clean?

Our oven cleaning service requires payment after job completion but before we leave the property. We accept cash, card payments or bank transfer. All job payments have written receipts. Card payments have an additional email or text receipt option.

I know your prices but how good is your oven cleaning service?

Please see either have a look at our Testimonials and Reviews page or our Facebook reviews.

The parts of your oven that can't be cleaned

Please note that we do not clean the electrical parts of an oven such as elements or thermostats as this can cause electrical failure. Ring and grill elements should be used regularly to ensure any fat is burnt off and does not build up. This may involve some smoke as the fat turns to ash. Our insurance only covers us for upto 100 degree heat

Self cleaning panels (with a soft grey catalytic coating) are not designed to be cleaned by scrubbing or detergents. Instead they work by burning off fat at high oven temperatures during the normal operation of the oven.


The photo below shows an extremely dirty self cleaning oven where the grill element has had the fat burn off, see the ash on the floor. Also the self cleaning fan cover has had some of the coating removed when the owner tried to, unsuccessfully, clean it themselves. The self cleaning side panels had been thrown away.

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The trade secrets of oven cleaning

We are completely open to customers about what we do. There is no super strength commercial chemical that easily removes all the dirt, fat and carbon. The reality is that any caustic/acid solution strong enough to quickly dissolve carbon would be far too dangerous to use. Imagine how much softer skin or eyes are than carbon! And we get oven cleaning solution in our faces and hands on a daily basis.

The Sodium Hydroxide used in Mr Muscle, Oven Pride etc. will soften carbon if left for 12 hours. However commercial oven cleaners don't have that long to wait. Our cleaning method is the same as pretty much every other commercial oven cleaning business. We scrape and scrub enamel surfaces (no, this doesn't leave scratches) and use heat with mild detergents on everything else. The only real 'trade secret' is getting into a very fast cleaning routine from years of experience and thousands of ovens cleaned.


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