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Why you should check your extractor hood filter

Your extractor hood filter is important and can be a fire hazard. You should regularly check this filter and either replace or clean it (depending if it’s either a paper or expanded aluminum type). The hood shown here had no filter and was dripping condensed oil onto the gas hobs below. A paper filter costs only a couple of pounds and could prevent a house fire. Extractor hood with no paper filter

In this case there was also probable damage from built up of fat and grease inside the fan and motor. When we come out to do an oven clean we can’t clean electrical components such as motors or plastic fans. If you want to save money in the long term you need to maintain your kitchen appliances. A professional oven clean can do this plus give you peace of mind that your appliance isn’t a fire hazard. Ask our advice today if you are unsure about your extractor hood.Extractor hood fan covered in oil and grease