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Worst oven cleaning jobs ever!

Over the last 10 years our oven cleaning service in Devon has cleaned over 3,000 dirty ovens. Here we will discuss one of our worst oven cleaning jobs.

Before we could even put down our floor coverings we had to clean the kitchen floor of rat droppings and thick grease. This was a real ‘Life of Grime’ hoarding and dirt scenario. The bathroom and toilet were unbelievable, but we won’t turn your stomachs by showing photos.

In special circumstances we can go beyond what most UK oven cleaning companies would consider an acceptable job. For example on several occasions, with a disabled or elderly customers, we have worked overtime for free. However a very small percentage of jobs just aren’t worth our while.

Black oven door glass cleaning

The photo above shows completely blackened oven door glass which we cleaned. Other times we have had to work around builders and even sweep away rubble to get to an oven.

If your oven is exceptionally dirty or damaged please show us photos before booking the job. This can save us both wasting our time if we have to refuse a job on site.

If you are one of the 99% of reasonable people with a reasonably dirty oven for us to clean in the north Devon area, then please see our guide to professional oven cleaning prices.