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Our prices

How much will it cost to have my oven professionally cleaned?

Most of the national franchised oven cleaning companies won’t give the price of their services on their websites. You must ring them to ask for a quote (please do this £££). We are totally transparent about our prices, we have nothing to hide and no hidden charges.

So what are the best oven cleaning prices near me? If you look around you will see that there are three long established local North Devon oven cleaning businesses.  Our prices are 10% lower than our nearest competitor.

These are our standard oven cleaning prices-

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I know your prices but how good is your oven cleaning service?

Have a look at our Testimonials and Reviews page to see how our customers rate us. Or of you think these are ‘fake news’ then look at our Facebook reviews.

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What exactly do i get for my money?

Our typical single oven clean takes around 2 hours.

We are completely open to customers about what we do. There no magic liquid we spray on and all the dirt, fat and carbon just wipes off. The reality is that any caustic/acid solution strong enough to quickly dissolve carbon would be far too dangerous to use. Imagine what would do to skin or eyes! And we get oven cleaning solution in our faces and hands on a daily basis.

The Sodium Hydroxide used in Mr Muscle, Oven Pride etc. will soften carbon if left for 12 hours. However we don’t have that long to wait. Our cleaning method is the same as pretty much every other commercial oven cleaning business. We scrape and scrub enamel surfaces (no, this doesn’t leave scratches) and use heat rather than strong chemicals on everything else. The only real ‘trade secret’ of what we do is getting into a very fast cleaning routine with years of experience.

Devon countrysideOur prices cover an area within a 15 mile drive from Bideford. This includes- Barnstaple, Torrington,

Holsworthy, Bradworthy, Hartland, Instow, Fremington, Appledore, Westward Ho!, Northam, Holsworthy, and all places in between.