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Dangerous Oven Fire Alert!

How to avoid a dangerously dirty oven fire. The owner of this oven actually burnt away and melted their grill element! Adding more and more layers of aluminium foil to the grill tray reflects the heat straight back to the element. Once you have foil 20-30 layers thick and it […]

Extractor hood fan covered in oil and grease

Why you should check your extractor hood filter

Your extractor hood filter is important and can be a fire hazard. You should regularly check this filter and either replace or clean it (depending if it’s either a paper or expanded aluminum type). The hood shown here had no filter and was dripping condensed oil onto the gas hobs […]

Lamorna oven being cleaned

Cleaning a three quarter size oven

These odd size ovens may seem like a good idea but beware. The first problem comes when you need to remove the rear fan cover and fan for cleaning. It is possible to unscrew the fan cover with a long handled screw driver. However you won’t be able to remove […]

oven grill compartment cleaning

Cleaning a rusty oven and how to avoid it

Ovens are not rust proof. They are designed to be used on a regularly and cleaned on a weekly basis (if you follow the manufacturers instructions). This should mean the oven is kept dry and no corrosion should occur. However if you have an empty rental property, are leaving your […]

Black oven door glass cleaning

worst oven cleaning jobs ever

At one of our worst oven cleaning jobs we took the video below. We had to clean the kitchen floor of rat droppings and grease before we could even put down our floor coverings. This was a real ‘Life of Grime’ hoarding and dirt scenario. The bathroom and toilet were […]

really dirty oven interior

How dirty is my oven?

Is my oven that dirty? One person’s ‘dirty’ oven is another persons ‘clean’ oven. This is a difficult question to answer without offending people. No one wants to be told they are more dirty than the average person. The oven shown here has the same light grey enamel on the […]

Devon countryside to clean a cooker

Hard to get to oven dirt?

This ladies house was down a very deepest, darkest Devon lane/track. Still it was worth the drive as we had a lovely dirty cooker at the end of it :-). The oven was a double Neff with a glass hob. The lady was very happy with the results (but like […]

eco fresh oven cleaning stainless steel logo

Video series coming soon

Oven cleaning videos This is the title sequence of our oven cleaning video series, topics to be covered range from self cleaning ovens instructions and manuals to removing an oven door. Tricky jobs like removing an oven door to stop it getting in the way of cleaning will be covered. […]