How to avoid a rusty oven

Ovens are not rust proof. They are designed to be used on a regularly and cleaned on a weekly basis (if you follow the manufacturers instructions). This should mean the oven is kept dry and no corrosion should occur. However if you have an empty rental property, are leaving your house unused or have an oven in storage then you might have a problem. We have listed below a few of the common problems with cleaning a rusty oven and how to avoid them.

1- Rusted out fan cover screws.

The first problem here is the oven body rusting out where the screw attaches the fan cover. When removing the fan cover for cleaning we always test for this problem. The photograph below shows a pile of rust below the screw we have tried to remove.

single oven fan cover cleaning problems

The second problem is the screw heads being rusted out. This means a screwdriver has nothing get a grip onto. In this case the fan cover is cleaned in-place.

single oven rusted out screws and cleaning

2- Corroded and rusty oven racks and side holders.

These oven racks were from an empty rental property. The condensation and damp inside the un-ventilated oven have lead to heavy rusting.

how to clean rusted oven racks

3- Rust holes through the enamel oven body

We have only seen this a few times. One case was a range oven, stored in a barn, for a couple of months while the kitchen was being renovated. The rust had set in from the rear of the enamel surface and unfortunately the oven wasn’t repairable.oven grill compartment cleaning

4- How to avoid rust in your oven

The best way to avoid a damp oven is to leave the oven door open for 5 minutes after use. Cooking food releases steam and after the oven is turned off and begins to cool down, this steam condenses to water.

If you are leaving the oven unused for a period of time it could be prone to rusting. Clean the oven so that it can hold less moisture on dirty surfaces. Place a moisture absorbent material like silica gel (e.g cat litter) in a dish in the oven, this can be placed in a sock covered with another sock.

If you would like a mobile oven cleaning company to check out your oven please contact us.

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