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Oven cleaning in North Devon

Our cleaning service covers the Barnstaple, Bideford, Torrington, Braunton, Westward Ho!, Kilkhampton and surrounding areas.

Who we are-

We are an independently run and professionally trained oven cleaning service with well over a thousand ovens cleaned for happy customer.

What we charge-

oven cleaning price list

No hidden charges or ‘ring for a quote’. See our full price list or give us a call on 01237 45 23 23 or click for online booking information.

What makes us different-

As our name says, we pride ourselves on using biodegradable, non toxic oven cleaning products while giving you a sparkling clean oven. Our cleaning process produces no dangerous fumes and your oven is ready to use immediately after cleaning.

Why we are so popular-

High quality, local, experienced, friendly and the some of the best prices around. No wonder we are one of North Devon’s most popular oven cleaning services. See our testimonials and reviews for what previous customers have said about us and discover why we are North Devon’s highest rated oven cleaning business on Facebook.

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What is a professional oven cleaning service?

If you have never used a professional oven cleaner before then prepare yourself for a surprise! Our specialised expert cleaning service is much more than you would expect. Not only do we get rid of the grease you can see, but we also clean the hard to access dirt.

We remove and take apart the oven door, glass, fan cover and fan. Removal of the bulb cover, oven racks, side holders and grill tray are next. The roof is usually the dirtiest part of an oven and, if no grill elements are in the way, this is also cleaned. This allows us to remove the built up grease that could cause an oven fire or at least greasy odors.

Parts are then deep cleaned in our dip tank with our non-caustic cleaning agent. Careful reassembly and polishing of the appliance results in a fresh, comprehensively cleaned and hygienic oven. This can be use immediately with minimal disturbance to your family home.

Why spend hours cleaning your oven and causing potential damage? We can get it much cleaner in a fraction of the time! Definitely the easiest way to clean your oven!

You can trust us to restore your oven to a sparkling near showroom condition, cleaned with care and attention to detail.

We also carry a range of spare parts such as oven bulbs and extractor hood filters. Other appliances we clean include, extractor fans, microwaves, barbecues and self-cleaning ovens.

More useful information on cleaning, maintaining and keeping your oven clean-

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